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Viehvermarktung Uelzen eG.

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Verladebahnhof 1954.jpgAbout our cooperative

The cooperative's roots go back to the cooperative founded in 1915 in district Uelzen.

From above mentioned and 5 more local livestock marketing cooperatives was created

our cooperative. Since 1996 our cooperative has been active in current form.

As cooperative association with around 220 members we use the advantages of a strong community and also

offer our services to non-members.

We have the necessary Know-How and experience in this branch of business and we gladly take over

the collection, marketing and transport of your livestock, slaughter cattle, pigs and piglets.

Our longstanding customer contacts and market- oriented compilation of supply are the best basis for

successful marketing with attractive profit.

Since 2004 our head office is in Drohe, where administration and management are based and also

an EU approved collection point.

Main region of our activities are in the district Uelzen. In the meantime we also offer our services successfully

in Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg- West Pomerania with our branch office and stable

in Alt Krenzlin, in the East of Schleswig -Holstein and in the area of Hamburg.

Our customers appreciate and value cooperative's work and they know they can rely on our prices and

reliable schedules.

We are a QS and Eco certified company and we attach a special value to speedy transport of to us entrusted

animals and better handling during the whole transport to keep animals welfare.

With our large truck fleet we can themselves transport the main volumes of marketed animals.

We are also cooperating with longstanding transport partners that meet our own high standards during

order peaks or for deliveries abroad.

In addition, our external salespeople are mainly equipped with automobile and trailer. In this way

we are able to safeguard a flexible and timely delivery or collection.

Our large stable in Drohe are allowing us to keep extensive herds of animals in

species-appropriate until selling.

The location in Drohe is an EU-approved assembly center and made possible processing of

worldwide deliveries.